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The time has come to defeat the SMART Property Tax in Southeast Michigan

A Humanitarian Cause for Public Transportation

Date: Aug 1, 2018 2:00:00 p.m.
The Time to Vote

This will be expensive as this Website* must go viral. Please help.

Harold Leese
PO BOX 2309
Dearborn, MI 48123-2309

Click Here - The abolition of state revenue sharing for mass transit in Michigan ***

*** All money and funding, transit jobs and transportation including those with no disabilities are completely and fully protected by federal laws.

On election day November 8, 2016 SMART backed a tax proposal to finance the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan. An organization involved in tax shifting and a plan which did not meet safety and environmental requirements to acquire federal grants. In addition, they have knowingly allowed fake news stories to appear in the media of handicapped people being stranded which were used to deceive people into supporting local tax increases for over 20 years.

Next August 2018, Detroit, Michigan, USA will once again vote on public bus service

Without educating the voters, most will believe checking NO means bus service will shut down. This is exactly what the covetous and larger truck lobbyists want, so they can get more for themselves. These people have vast amounts of power and riches, thus have succeeded in approving multi-Billion dollar freeway expansions including I-94 and I-75 and extensive bus service reductions. So, the problem is not insufficient funds from local governments but instead an intense and selfish desire to exploit Detroit and suburban residents.

There is new hope for Detroit because the November 2016 tax increase proposal was defeated. This was done by those who knew it was a deterrent for all who want good public transportation and a money grab piece of garbage. Many of those on the payroll including those in non-profit transit advocacy groups sold out to the auto lobbyists to keep their jobs. This has resulted in an inequitable and oppressive agreement signed into law greatly subsidizing the monopolies of driving to the downtown and airport without necessary concessions to eliminate the high cost barriers for buses. This is ransom because providing full bus services with a free market is economical and would save many lives. The supporters were told by reputable people that if Federal and State money are not in writing at the voting booth they do not exist. The public was instead deceived to believe Billions of Federal dollars were or could be secured when they were not nor could be. The master plan was and still is fiction, thus if passed would have been nothing more than a deceitful acquisition of a large sum of money with little effort. Those in charge actively encouraged false propaganda and failed to meet basic industry standards. These wolves in sheep's clothing and snake oil salesmen will soon be back.

Much physical evidence and statistical analysis proves the only chance Detroit has today of restoring bus service is to defeat the August 2018 proposal. One way of doing this is to educate the public that this choice protects all Federal, State and Local transportation money and existing service. This is documented in a demographic analysis*** filed with the United States Federal Transit Administration as a valid discrimination complaint and presented on this website. It explains in detail how the Civil Rights Act of 1964 can work to supersede both State and Local funding mechanisms and decisions in order to force an end to the extreme imperial capitalism, discrimination and regressive tax shifts which helped to cause the Detroit bus systems to fail. The resulting desolation and loneliness are detailed with corrective solutions. Emphasis is on putting safety first by removing cars from overcrowded freeways and creating watched areas. The requirements for competent management to make transportation affordable and the use of technology specific to the progression of road expansions are quantized. The morality of protecting the handicapped, the elderly and the poor are explained.

In summary, the defeat of the next tax is harmless and essential for the safe movement of people. This imposition has devolved from a feeble charitable donation to anarchy.

So, if you want actions to be taken, then please sign the petition and make it well known everywhere. It must go viral and if it does, you will see Detroit once again have full buses running frequently with more wealth for all. Everyone in the World will vacation in the Beautiful City of Detroit, if Seven Billion people sign the petition to give to transit officials.

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* There is no competent opposition to raising taxes for Detroit's costly public bus systems.Sales taxes are everywhere - to return, use the "back" button on your web browser

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