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There is no time to waste

Date: Aug 8, 2018 2:00:00 p.m.
The Time to Vote

Next August 2018, Detroit, Michigan, USA will once again have a chance for mass transit.

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There is no 24/7 frequent bus service connecting Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties to the city of Detroit and the Airport. Permitting this would put safety first and could support itself from existing tax mechanisms. The August property tax proposal does not allow this and is not a renewal as proponents claim. This is instead a tax shift and increase. SMART is now under a new regional agreement where a change or addition is necessary to include money from federal and state fuel taxes and increased user fees from passengers. So far, all these are rejected despite strong public opposition. In effect, making this a forced imposition on the local taxpayers without merit

The real transportation plan for Detroit is pictured on the right. Please get everyone in the World to protest this multi-billion dollar monster and make it go away to help pay for competent bus services as described throughout these webpages. This can only be done by supporting formal opposition to the next tax increase coming in August 2018 and posting this website everywhere in the World. English, Arabic, Spanish and French are the main languages where this site needs to be known. click_here

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Please get everyone in Suburban Detroit
to vote for the restoration of all funding and bus service
next August 2018 --- Click Here