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Please get everyone to sign the Petition Drive to take this plan or better off the shelf ---

Option 1 ~ Operation Bring Back SMART

A proven to work plan that connects downtown Detroit to metro airport and Pontiac and Mount Clemens with dedicated 24 hour / 7 day a week public bus service. --- The Plan... that fills the buses

  • Click Here ~ Operating and Capital Expenses ~ See how the plan works
  • Your support is needed by signing the petition to give to
    the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan.
    ---- Today, to improve bus service as explained in Option 1 or similar

Please understand if you sign, that you want "The Plan" or similar
to make public transit affordable for everyone
Before the August 2018 SMART property tax renewal.

Since 1995, mass transit taxes in southeast Michigan have not stopped or slowed down the destruction of thousands of acres of natural beauty as more and larger freeways have been built

Your support of "Save the Fuel Tax" will work to get government and industry leaders to debate the issues on television and the newspapers for mass transit to work.

God's loving kindness that is given undeservedly establishes the human being's self-esteem independently of achievements

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