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Please make this site go viral Worldwide to protect bus funding in Detroit and everywhere. The Plan below is an instruction set for SMART officials to end this opposition to their tax increase. If they accept this plan or a similar one then this site will no longer have a purpose.

Option One ~ A proven to work plan that connects downtown Detroit to metro airport and Pontiac and Mount Clemens with dedicated 24 hour / 7 day a week public bus service. --- The Plan... that fills the buses

  • Click Here ~ Operating and Capital Expenses ~ See how the plan works
  • Your support is needed by signing the petition to give to
    the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan.
    ---- Today, to improve bus service in Detroit and everywhere.

    The solution to make the SMART property or other local tax work is 24/7 frequent bus service connecting Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties to the city of Detroit and the Airport using CTF funds with help from local communities along the routes. This will put safety first. Please challenge for a same or better solution, if you can.

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