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Print this page - Copy and Post in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties in the State of Michigan

The save the fuel tax org campaign to fill up city and suburban public buses is the best chance to improve mass transit in the Detroit, Michigan area at this time and in August 2018. Your support and contributions will work to guard present essential funds as a basic human right by challenging scare tactics and false propagandas claiming a loss of funding and service without a vote of YES. The truth is that present taxes and service are fully protected by federal laws.

New freeway expansions without the restoration of frequent bus services and more fare box revenues are a waste of limited tax dollars and compromise the safety of the public. So, please sign the Petition, today. If everyone signs then actions will be taken to go against those who are preventing mass transit by educating the public. Only YOU can do this by supporting this website. The proven solutions that work can become reality, if you and the majority stand behind them and they are presented in the petition. Please get them known by posting this website everywhere and you will see that YES, we can all benefit from public transit. It will take lots of work from many, so please help as possible.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal laws protects ALL essential public bus services,
if acted upon.

Since 1995, mass transit taxes in southeast Michigan have not stopped or slowed down the destruction of thousands of acres of natural beauty as more and larger freeways have been built. Your support of "Save the Fuel Tax" will work to get government and industry leaders to debate the issues on Television and the Newspapers for mass transit to work.