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Please support the cause of "Save the Fuel Tax" --- To educate the voting public for mass transit.

It's long past time to take action

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) states "In communities throughout the country, public transportation makes valuable contributions to economic development, increased safety, energy conservation, a cleaner environment, less traffic congestion, and an improved quality of life. Yet, The Michigan Department of Transportation will not continue to use fuel taxes to pay for frequent bus services as a state wide need. Poll results show that most people want the level of investment in public transportation in the United States to be increased.

Please support this cause to improve mass transit

A massive campaign to defeat an increase of the SMART Property Tax next August 2018 and the passage of the November 2016 car registration tax increases are needed to stop the freeway expansions,.

Don't just vote but make this website go viral so EVERYONE knows the facts, before more federal and state funds are cut from Detroit area public bus systems.


The idea of raising productivity with less capital is an illusion. Wage, benefits and materials costs continue to increase, so the only way mass transit can serve the public is with continued productivity improvement. Mass transit providers that increase revenue growth from getting people to their jobs are the most successful with no exceptions. Statistics and calculations show wise investments in capital are essential for revenue growth. Cooperative efforts from all levels of government and industry are essential for mass transit to serve the public.

Transit tax proposals need mass transit supportive conditions

  • Increased productivity
  • Tax support not always needed
  • Protect State and Federal funds
  • Not paying for buses to build more roads to end
  • More and better direct industry supports
  • Protect environment and urban culture, prevent loss of bus service
  • Discourage urban sprawl, decrease traffic congestion, many others

More funding without getting people to work, job growth and a concern for basic economic principles are inconsistent with the needs of the taxpayers.

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