Presentation of 24 / 7 Bus Service for the Motor City
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"The Plan..." Provides the most "cost effective" solutions to move people in Detroit, Michigan

A researched and physically proven to work plan combining the best efforts of both city and suburban bus systems using rider-ship, employment and transit need statistics. The forerunner of the of the SEMCOG "Framework for action" embracing and integrating present and past transit plans starting from the 1800's when Detroit was first designed using a logical grid for roads with the downtown as the major hub for transportation. A plan which meets and exceeds federal transit grant requirements. SEMCOG public studies show the need for frequent on-demand downtown Detroit bus service. The state fuel tax and increased fare-box revenue is the best solution. Freeway traffic congestion can be reduced by 10 - 15% or more thus boosting Michigan's international economy by moving trucks faster. A plan that made it off the shelf and can be completed because of the "human spirit" that encourages competition, harmony, wisdom, compassion for others.

Please support this plan and/or leave suggestions to help improve bus service and mass transit.

---- Some of the many benefits include...

  • All handicapped facilities to be supported from the state fuel tax, both capital and operating.
  • The complete coordination of both city and suburban bus systems and all other transportation modes.
  • Downtown Detroit to be the hub of mass transit.
  • Safety improvements and protecting existing transportation needs are top priorities in all cases.
  • Defined budgets to keep the flexibility of gaining federal transit grants.
  • The integration of funding mechanisms to improve mass transit as a viable travel option compared to autos.
  • A researched plan with attainable goals incorporating the ideas of thousands of people.