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Suburban Malls


Existing Bus Routes

Passenger Rail/BRT

Shuttle Buses

Park and Ride

Tourist Attractions

Bus Information

Global Positioning Sys.

Intelligent Transp.

Bus only lanes

Computer Networking

Tourist Attractions


Computers will coordinate times, dates and events of tourists attractions with bus schedules. Ridership and attendance will increase providing much needed funding for the zoo and the Detroit Institute of Arts.




The Detroit People Mover has art in each station. The 13 malls above will each have bus terminals like the people mover stations decorated with extensive art collections. In the future many 24 hour businesses will realize the benefits of the shuttle bus approach and add many amenities of their own to draw more customers and even provide free advertising for the 24 hour bus routes.

Hundreds of thousands of low income famlies can take their children to learn and experience the arts, science, history and animals without the use of a car. This will help mass transit, the funding of arts and our state's future.

Sidewalk Cafes & Street Beautification Projects - City of Detroit

Who Wants to Adopt a Highway? Volunteering in the Adopt-A-Highway program is an effective way to reduce litter, show civic pride, care for the environment, and help to minimize city maintenance costs. A streetlight program to make vistors feel safe for Detroit.



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