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Without significant financial contributions,
the plans and construction for the 2 billion dollar NEW freeway lanes will remain
using money from public bus service reductions in the Detroit area

The August 2010 SMART property tax renewal is a masquerade and a deception to get the public to believe that the state tax on fuel from the Michigan Transportation Fund must be replaced.

The money used to pay for the MDOT Freeway Expansions comes from shutting down the SMART 285 Middlebelt Public Bus Route.

James Griffee
2507 E Sanilac Rd (M46)
Carsonville, MI 48419

Without Contributions (cash or checks sent to address above) ---


  • A new regional mass transit agreement will likely require large county tax increases without additional state money, if any. The rejection of proven industry support continues.
  • The state constitution could be changed to allow county sales taxes to pay for mass transit with little or no incentives to make better use of limited tax dollars.
  • Your suburban tax increases could be utilized to operate the Detroit Department of Transportation without adequate state revenue sharing or improvements to meet minimum standards, if state laws are changed.

God's loving kindness that is given undeservedly establishes the human being's self-esteem independently of achievements.

Since 1995, mass transit taxes in southeast Michigan have not stopped or slowed down the destruction of thousands of acres of natural beauty as more and larger freeways have been built.   

Your support of "Save the Fuel Tax" will work to get government and industry leaders to debate the issues on television and the newspapers for mass transit to work.   

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