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It's Your Choice

If you want --

The full amount of the money from the state gas tax ($90 Million/year and more in 2003 dollars) to be protected and increased, exclusively for Detroitís city and suburban public bus systems (SMART and DDOT) and keep them permanently separated.
--- In Writing.

Then please support --

Save the Fuel Tax

Brothers and Sisters

There are people out there that look just like you
or maybe your brother or a mass transit supporter,
but they are NOT. And when they hand you something,
donít take it, donít take it.
These people are mass transit tax increase supporters.
Ask them, "Are you really handing me Mass Transit?".
Maybe they are instead handing you Larger Freeways
without raising user taxes and fees?
Ask them, "Where is the money from the tax on "fuel"?"
- Don't be fooled by promises.
--- Be "fueled" with information and vote.

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