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Operating and Capital Expenses - Suburban / SMART
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The primary reason people don't use buses is because of long transfer times that makes the trip take too long. This problem is largely solved as illustrated in the picture.

All transportation services (bus, airplane, train, car, other), transfer fast, anywhere and anytime on the one-provider backbone. Each circle represents thousands of transfers.

It is generally not practical to transfer more then once due to time and funding constraints. The superimposing of a state funded* backbone with a central hub and end points connected together overcomes the problem of one person having near instant bus service and another not having any service at all. The hub and end point connections are essential to maximize ridership. The use of state fuel taxes is justified for this purpose because the benefits exceed its costs and the rate of return exceeds that of alternative investments.

* Written accords for state to pay operate and capital costs with cities maintaining structures and other methods to help lower costs.

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