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Operating and Capital Expenses - City / DDOT
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In the 2000-2001 budget, the city of Detroit appropriated $172 million to operate the Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT) of which $68.4 million is an operating subsidy that came from the city's General Fund.*

Operating expenses for DDOT under "THE Plan"

Funding Source



State CTF **

Operating Assistance/
Matching grants/DDOT decides
MDOT written accords to meet Federal laws (Section 84, Part 21)

$60 Million/yr

City property taxes
General fund from the city of Detroit *

Operating Assistance

$68.4 Million/yr

Proposed State CTF
cost of living increase

In exchange for improvement of conditions
along routes and cooperation with suburbs

$10 Million/yr

Farebox Revenue

Calculations interpolated
and are approximate from source below ***

$35 Million/yr

Total yearly
operating budget

To be permanent
unless changed by the voters

$173.4 Million/yr


Mackinac Center for Public Policy


Michigan House Fiscal Agency


Transit Profiles for the 1996 Database Report Year (Federal Transit Administration)

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