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Operating and Capital Expenses - State / MDOT
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The function of regional coordination

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is still exclusively responsible for regional coordination by means of revenue sharing. The shifting to other funding sources and the support of the defunct Detroit Area Regional Transportation Authority (DARTA) has failed to replace the ability of permanent operating subsidies from State CTF funds to redistribute limited tax dollars to best meet the needs of all. These funds are a derivative of the state tax on fuels.

Operating expenses for Regional Coordination under "The Plan"

Job Position


Compensation Amounts including benefits

Manager of Operations ~ Accountable to SMART/DDOT

Civil engineering background or
able to contract out to meet 70% capacity
on core downtown/airport bus routes with
corresponding improvements elswhere.


Senior Administrator

Apply for grants and assistant to chief


Senior Programmer

Supervision of all databases for coordination
of SMART and DDOT schedules, routes and computers


computer programmer ( 2 )

manage all computers under the direction of the senior programmer

$85,000/yr X 2

Public Relations Specialist

To coordinate the public, industries, governments and transit officials for highest ridership and the protection of State CTF funds for the disabled.


Purchasing Agent

Coordinate and manage contract workers to build "The Plan..." and purchase capital expenses from the state and federal block grants of $200 Million. Then to coordinate SMART and DDOT joint purchases.


Other (2)

To be determined as needed and decided by transit authority officials with costs equally shared.

$80,000/yr X 2

- - -

Yearly expenses such as two cars, offices, supplies and utilities.


Total Operating Budget

- - -

$1.2 Million/yr

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