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that the present tax structure in Michigan for transportation is outdated because taxes collected are not enough to pay for increased costs thus needs to be changed. Proponents of these changes claim they will enable our state to get more federal transit grants and improved transportation choices. These proponents include both road lobbyists and members of prominent transit advocate organizations. Neither more freeways nor more transit, but instead “to leave alone” to force by means of fair compensation from present or increased user taxes/fees, existing revenues and competition remain the best answer.

The long-term solutions presently in place to protect the economy and the tax base of the city of Detroit and its inner suburbs by state transit funds can be reclaimed in relation of equivalence to geographic boundaries and freeway and road expansions. The claims such as “diverting more state funds for freeway expansions is critical to attract industries” are false because they are temporary solutions that displace jobs without just compensation. They are supplemental, not essential without user fees or agreed upon grants from “non-user” taxes and collections from those who gain an advantage.

New policy changes and additional revenues will not work to better our state transportations systems without moral leadership and written agreements. They provide no incentives to improve or encourage more efficient and socially responsible uses of the transportation system. If these polices are voted in "as is", then those who use our freeways and are most able to pay will no longer pay their fair share of costs to maintain and operate our transportation system. These same changes have resulted in higher overall taxes, lower wages and transit service cuts in other parts of the United States due to the inability of governments to properly utilize tax dollars from those who contribute.

The need to raise taxes for mass transit is an imagination and a "non-issue" without measurable results, more service, allowing competition and maintaining the dignity and respect of the handicapped which can only be accomplished by enforcing present policies in Michigan. These issues are explored throughout these WebPages to educate the voting public.

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