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Proposed Commuter Rail

The federal government has allocated $100 million to study and design a mass transit line that would run from Detroit to Ann Arbor, with connecting service to Detroit Metropolitan Airport..

This project neglects actual correlations between the different modes of transporting people

  • The primary bus lines and freeway are exactly parallel and perpendicular to the rail lines thus frequent bus service in harmony with common sets of time tables are essential to maximize limited tax dollars
  • The utilization of a central hub and connected end points funded with the superimposing state fuel tax as the backbone will maximize the number of riders
  • The SEMCOG TIP plan contains freeway expansions in the same area.

This plan will not serve the free market system of choice unless SEMCOG can obtain sufficient user fees directly from passengers and others who benefit. As long as the taxpayers are willing to pay higher non-user taxes, it is not necessary to competently utilize money from industries along transportation corridors.

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