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Many cooperative efforts are needed

In Michigan, tax dollars from the sale of fuel are being used to support "new" transportation plans such as adding 18 miles of new freeway lanes into undeveloped farmlands and forests at the expense of keeping bus services in inner cities where jobs are needed most. The state fuel tax is the best method to pay for frequent bus service and obtain federal transit grants. Providing frequent SMART buses into downtown Detroit is a viable "existing" need thus in the best interests of the voting public to protect the fuel tax "as is" defined as "operate and maintain". Unfortunately, this tax continues to pay for more roads and related increased costs as opposed to "dedicated" transit operating budgets essential to ensure compliance with federal disability requirements.

Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) - State Transportation Building
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If more and larger freeways are among the answers to better Michigan's transportation system, then it's best to raise State fuel (user) taxes as opposed to forcing the cost increases on local governments. Or, get those who want these freeways to raise more matching funds from taxes/fees to stretch limited funds from the sale of fuel. There are no good reasons to neglect the condition of our existing roads and public bus systems to expand roads and rail without just compensation from those who directly benefit.

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