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It's time to take action --- Today

Please support the plan to move tens of thousands of cars from the freeways everyday permanently as a Statewide need, in addition to serving each community who pays into the county transit authority. Or, please challenge. Too many of Detroit's mass transit advocate's cling to the false belief that the passage of local transit tax increases and enabling new tax mechanisms will ensure a balanced transportation system.

.... There is no time to waste. The Federal excise tax on fuel needs to be restored by a majority vote of NO .

Date: Aug 1, 2022 2:00:00 p.m.
The time to vote on the SMART Millage

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The committee to save SMART, successfully worked to get Proposal S passed on Aug. 6, 2002 with the following below. This compassion is misleading the public that operating assistance from other revenue sources are not enough or do not exist.. .

Voters will decide Aug. 6 whether the SMART transit system will continue to provide 200,000 rides a week - or shut down within 30 days.

SMART has been operating with farebox revenues, state and federal grants and, since 1995, a .33-mill property tax levy. Costs of vehicles, fuel, wages health coverage and liability insurance have continued to rise. Revenue has not kept pace. state and federal revenue has been proportionately diminishing.

SMART is asking for a .33 mill renewal and a .27 mill increase to keep the system operating.

Without the funding, SMART's funds will be used up in 30 days. The system will be shut down.


Market value of house: $200,000
State Equalized Value: $100,000
Per year cost: $60
Per month cost: $ 5
Per week cost $ 1.15
Per day cost: 16.4 cents

A case where local taxes are not enough

Livonia is a large western suburb of Detroit where SMART improved bus service by getting more riders and filling up buses but it was not enough on November 8, 2005 to keep local funds because transit officials cannot bring back our inner cities and save our state by themselves.

"Save the Fuel Tax" wants to help SMART by getting the state to pay for 24 hour bus service to downtown Detroit and metro airport, defeating freeway expansions that deprive mass transit and allowing multiple tax mechansisms at the same time.

(see Option 1 under Alternatives to new regional and local transit tax increases)

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