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Suburban Malls


Existing Bus Routes

Passenger Rail/BRT

Shuttle Buses

Park and Ride

Tourist Attractions

Bus Information

Global Positioning Sys.

Intelligent Transp.

Bus only lanes

Computer Networking



The downtowns below are all accessable without a car by direct bus service, park and ride, train and airplane. Out of town visitors can quickly fly into metro airport or arrive on amtrak and attend a sports event, conventions and concerts and return to their hotel anytime. Metro Detroiters never have to drive on crowded freeways such as I-75 or I-94 to get to downtown Detroit.


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Getting in and out of Downtown Detroit will be quick, safe and easy with "The Plan..."
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Many older downtowns lack parking space for customers, frequent bus service will ease this problem. Some downtowns have restored on street parking, so traffic moves slower and people shop. By replacing these with bus only lanes, traffic will still move slower while buses move fast avoiding bus gridlock and bringing in many shoppers. Buses and downtowns go together.

It's time to use SMART solutions for moving people in and out of Downtown Detroit

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