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Suburban Malls


Existing Bus Routes

Passenger Rail/BRT

Shuttle Buses

Park and Ride

Tourist Attractions

Bus Information

Global Positioning Sys.

Intelligent Transp.

Bus only lanes

Computer Networking

The Plan... links all transportation systems together with 24/7 bus service

All regional mass transit plans are integrated using only proven, practical methods that work and are affordable within existing budgets.

Amtrak Passenger Rail, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) also known as SpeedLink, 24/7 SMART buses and all other forms of transportation are linked together to maximize ridership. All plans are to complement SMART. It is not practical to build dedicated bus only lanes on most existing roads. SpeedLinks can work well in the right situations.

SMART's new service initiative and SEMCOG regional transit plans are combined for best service without the need to merge. Competent mass transit reduces traffic congestion with attractive traveling options thus providing positive results for drivers.

Increased State CTF funds for SMART can be a reality with THE Plan 24/7 shuttle bus system... Metro Detroit's most cost effective regional transit plan


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