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Suburban Malls


Existing Bus Routes

Passenger Rail/BRT

Shuttle Buses

Park and Ride

Tourist Attractions

Bus Information

Global Positioning Sys.

Intelligent Transp.

Bus only lanes

Computer Networking

Global Positioning System

Each 24 hour bus will have a GPS radio linked to a central computer which will provide driver feedback to keep buses evenly spaced apart. The lead bus will determine speed of travel with each following bus signaled to slow down. If the lead bus gets too far ahead then it will be signalled to slow down. A wide area radio central dispatch center will work in conjunction with the GPS system.

Data collection into computer memories on existing fareboxes will calculate frequency and size of buses with a minimum of a small 7 passenger van every 30 minutes. This will fill buses to capacity with increasing accuracy over a period of time. Festivals will be included in calculations and will result in an average of more then 70% capacity, which is where the farebox revenue equals operating costs.

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