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All technologies and features in these WebPages are essential to build a world class transit system with amenities such as dedicated climate controlled stations.

Transit System



Detroit People Mover

On Demand Service,
when in operation

Does not go anywhere.

Present SMART

Goes almost everywhere.

Service is too infrequent
on many routes.

THE Plan routes
using SMART

On Demand Service.
Goes places.

Needs to be nearly self-supporting. **

** THE Plan can only work with an extremely high ridership. This is because those who live and work along the routes will benefit greatly but those who don't will not benefit very much. The public will not vote for or accept these plans unless the bus riders along the 24/7 routes pay at the farebox. This system is designed for the highest ridership.

All past and present Regional Transit Plans are fully integrated into these plans along with extensive public input.

  • Computer data and public meetings will ensure this system is consumer driven
  • The seven 24 hr / 7 day bus routes are within budget with restored state funding.
  • The seven proposed routes connect only the highest density areas together because of budget constraints and the need for very high ridership to support line bus service.
  • Fewer routes mean fewer transfers thus more riders.
  • Employment and activity center statistics show that these routes are the most efficient in terms of connecting both DDOT and SMART with the most riders. (See Shuttle buses)
  • Both Downtown Detroit and Oakland County are directly connected to Metro Airport.

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