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Once upon a Time...

Detroit Michigan, U.S.A. had an excellent mass transit system and many good paying jobs, but those days are gone. Today, the voters in the Detroit area are faced with new local/regional mass transit tax proposals. These WebPages argue that getting someone to a $9 per hour job and the lack of State funds for existing transportation needs are not justifiable causes to pay a tax increase on housing, income or a sales tax.

Statistics and studies show transit taxes are most effective when driving is discouraged and taxed to pay for mass transit as a competitive alternative in place of driving. In other cities, buses are used in place of driving because they do not "cost too much". It can be this way again in Detroit but unfortunately it won't happen unless something is done about it.

Raising taxes will only worsen the problems, unless action is taken to lower per passenger costs, allow competition and stop the MDOT freeway expansions without viable State and direct industry funded mass transit alternatives.

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