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Operating and Capital Expenses - Suburban / SMART
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A total funding package is proposed for SMART to permanently provide dedicated bus services with funds specifically designated for each purpose based on logistics and needs. The following cost analysis is a guideline that will maximize limited funds and protect our cities and environment.

Operating expenses for SMART under "The Plan..."

Funding Source



State CTF

Operating Assistance/
Matching grants/SMART decides
MDOT written accords to meet Federal laws (Section 84, Part 21)

$30 Million/yr

Property tax renewal
Three County Proposal S

Operating Assistance

$50 Million/yr

Proposed State CTF

Dedicated operating assistance
for ""The Plan..." 24/7 bus service

$21 Million/yr

Farebox Revenue

Calculations shows "The Plan..."
will achieve this / In June 2003,
it was physically proved

$23.2 plus Million/yr

Total yearly
operating budget

To be permanent
unless changed by the voters

$124.2 Million/yr

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